Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Little Update!

I am sorry it has been so long since I updated where things are with our adoption. We came home from Ukraine just before Christmas and are settled in at home waiting for our court dates. It has been so good to come home and be with our girls and our family! We did not find out until after we were home that we did not get the court dates we had hoped for, and currently our dates are set for Jan 23rd and Jan 24th. We will head back on Jan 21st and come home on the 25th. This short trip will be for our court dates only. If we pass court, the 25th begins our 10 day waiting period. When this is over, we will return again to finally bring all the kids home. This trip can be from 1.5- 2 weeks, depending on how quickly we can accomplish the necessary paperwork for them to immigrate.

Our time visiting with the boys, and briefly again with Heidi before we came home was good in so many ways, and hard in others. I do not ever want to be less than candid about our experience, but we are still very much in the middle of this entire process. Nothing is official and until our 10 day wait is over, anything can happen. Because of this, I do not feel free to write much about my impressions or feelings. Many blog posts have come to mind, as the adoption process has stretched me and taught me much about our Rescuer already. I hope to share more when things are more secure.

I do feel confident to say that our God is GOOD, and his plans for these children and for our family will be accomplished. We continue to pray that Ezra, Gustav, and Heidi will be home with us by mid-February. Our time away was very hard for our girls at home, and I continue to ask for prayer for them as we have to leave them two more times! We also know that it is going to be hard for our new children to leave everything they know and enter into this new life. But God is at work, and will be faithful to them and to us as we travel and adjust. The end of this phase is nearly in site, and we move forward this new year with hope and courage. Thank you all for your prayers and for the many people who have supported us financially. It has been awe-inspiring to watch God work in this whole process. We are excited to see what this new year brings for our family!


  1. Thank you for the helps me to know how to pray!

  2. He IS Good. He is faithful and He will carry you through. I know you are counting the minutes when all three will be safe at home with you. Praying.

  3. May I ask if you are of Scandinavian ancestry? Your surname as well as one of your boys' names made me think you might be from my corner of the world :-)
    Thank you for the update!

  4. Welcome home! Having this little block of time will be great for last-minute preparations of all kinds before your delightful little trio joins you. Time will fly!

    Hope I can meet your family in person someday - I'm in the big city closest to you and post as Susan-BB on the RR board and am a long-time RR advocate and have many relatives who were adopted. If you'd like to get in touch, please PM me at the RR board for contact info - thanks.

    Very best wishes,
    Susan, not too far away!
    Cousin to 2 from EE

    Your family remains on my church's prayer list for traveling blessings.