Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Warm Welcome!

So, why would I be up at 12:19 am waiting for Everett to deep-fry a turkey? I guess that's what happens 3 days before you leave the country to begin the exciting process of bringing three beautiful children home from Eastern Europe!

I am back to join the blogging world anew as we share this wonderful journey with you. Our adoption story began 9 years ago, and has been quite a roller-coaster this past year, but the adventure is just beginning. Right now we are focusing on raising the money we need to complete our adoption, whittling down the to-do list, getting 5 little girls ready for us to leave, and dreaming of the three children that will soon, Lord willing, be in our arms. I can't wait to share them with you!

Please consider helping us financially, if you can- little bits add up! We will be leaving on December 3rd for the first of three trips. Wow- I need to get to work! (I just have to say thank you to all y'all who have been praying for our children and us, and all those who have given to help bring them home. We are SO grateful!!)

For now, until this blog gets all fancy, you can donate here (thank you!):