Monday, December 5, 2011

Initial Ramblings

We are in Europe! It is still hard to believe. The trip went really well with no mishaps. We are settled into an apartment near downtown and trying to acclimate to the new time zone. Instead of a long post, I thought I would share random thoughts in no particular order:
- Losing a night was very strange. We got on a flight in the afternoon and began flying over the ocean. They fed us dinner, showed a movie, then like 2 hours later, fed us breakfast. A little while later, we arrived and it was morning. What?? The night just disappeared. I tried just staying awake until it was bedtime, but so far, that has not worked and I have no idea when this will feel anything but wrong!
- Qualifications for working at the airport in Germany must include looks. There is no way the people there are a true representation of German people, right? Are they all beautiful?
- Bad decorating is everywhere. Someone needs to do something.
- I miss the smell and feel of my squishy baby. Oh, so much.
- Starbucks via is really awesome.
- Traveling makes me want to eat constantly. So does the bread here. Maybe I should have packed my scale after all...
-I am so thankful to be here doing this, and I am going to be so glad when it is over and we are all home together at last.
- Our facilitation team has been amazing! They have been so kind, welcoming and helpful and we are so thankful for them.
- It's time to workout. Stair sprints and burpies for today, I hope it helps!


  1. LOL - I'm not sure I want to know what a "burpie" is. . . or how it qualifies as exercise! Glad you made it safely. Please pipe up with any things you think the rest of us should know about what to pack/not pack that you realize as you go along. . .

    Can't wait to hear about your appointment.

  2. Sounds like quite an adventure!

  3. aaahhh...the first time we went to china, we lost a day. That day happened to be my 31st birthday! Pretty funny and a little bizarre. So glad that you arrived safely...I'll be praying for your appointment.